Samuel McKnight

Software Engineer, Web Developer

Who I am:

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I am a life-long learner, travel enthusiast, and music-lover. Through my experiences in software engineering, academics, and education, I have developed the ability to learn and quickly apply my knowledge to a variety of circumstances and a multitude of different learning styles. I am focused on backend development with an emphasis on building out robust, scalable, and extensible applications throught the use of microservices and asynchronous processes.

Highlighted Skills and Experience


  • Python
  • SQL
  • TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Java

Frameworks, Libraries, etc:

  • flask icon
  • django icon Django
  • Express
  • React/React Native
  • flask icon

Professional Experience:

Fullstack Software Engineer III, Continuing Operations Team – 08/2023 to present | EquipmentShare

  • Provided essential support for business’s core applications and acted as SME for Time Cards app.
  • Worked with colleagues to effectively identify customer pain-points in business logic and provide stable solutions that enhanced functionality between domains.
  • Collaborated across teams in code reviews and pairing sessions in order to understand past processes and determine best practices going forward.

  • Backend Software Engineer II, Time Cards Team – 03/2022 to 08/2023 | EquipmentShare

  • Implemented numerous backend features for a Time Cards application - such as unapproving time, viewing approval history, and streaming data to Snowflake via Kinesis - that directly addressed customer concerns. - Completed features without direct assistance - apart from code reviews and collaborative pairing sessions - from other backend engineers on the team, which freed others to dedicate themselves to important initiatives around different product.
  • Identified and optimized low-performing areas in the application, including refactoring queries, making database changes to avoid high latency with certain API endpoints, and writing new business logic that both AWS processes and our API could leverage.
  • Worked closely with designers, product managers, frontend engineers, and other teams in the organization to deliver work on time and to the client expectations.

  • Backend Software Engineer I, Time Cards Team – 09/2021 to 03/2022 | EquipmentShare

  • Independently worked on dozens of features, chores, and bugs on various projects. Code-paired and collaborated often with senior engineers and new hires
  • Moved to the frontend temporarily, during which time I helped launch a new React TypeScript web app and updated the React Native mobile app, requiring onboarding myself to working with XCode and Android Studio

  • Junior Software Engineer, Time Cards Team – 08/2021 to 09/2021 | EquipmentShare

  • Hired as a frontend engineer, but due to team needs was put on the backend to work on the Time Cards application's REST API, business library, and AWS infrastructure project (managed through CDK).
  • Familiarized myself with the domain quickly after onboarding, pushing out production-ready code within the first two weeks.

  • Junior Implementation Developer – 05/2021 to 08/2021 | AudioEye

  • Remediated dozens of websites with significant web accessibility issues.
  • Quickly acquired proficiency with WCAG guidelines and assistive technologies and learned best-practices for accessibility.

  • EPIK English Teacher – 08/2018 to 08/2019 | Hampyeong, Jeollanamdo South Korea

  • Taught over 200 students with very limited English knowledge in 19 weekly classes.
  • Planned, organized, and led two 10-day English camps.
  • Collaborated with a native Korean teacher to instruct an after-school module with advanced students.

  • Music and Poetry Teacher – 07/2015 to 07/2019 | Great Hearts Academies, Phoenix, AZ

  • Developed and taught the high school poetry curriculum by turning the class into a creative outlet while also addressing concepts for their standardized tests.
  • Revamped and taught the music curriculum for 7th and 8th grade recorder and theory classes.
  • Instructed around 90 students a semester, for whom I wrote detailed quarterly evaluations that were used to produce individual student growth plans.

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